Our Baby’s Gender Reveal

IMG_4262We are having a girl!!!

During a visit back home we gathered both sides of the family for a luncheon and some very, nerve-racking cake-cutting. The anticipation continued to build over weeks of carrying a sealed envelope from my doctor, with the baby’s gender enclosed. When it finally came time to cut the cake my heart furiously pounded. I was so nervous—nervous with excitement! Nobody knew the gender (except for the cake baker) making it a special surprise the family could share together. Below are a few photos from the Gender Reveal and a short video of us cutting the cake.

Before cutting the cake, family members could cast their prediction by placing either a pink or blue butterfly in the votive. We’re still not quite sure if the tally was accurate, as the kiddos had fun tossing extra butterflies in the mix. 🙂 When it was all said and done, there was a higher pink count than blue—so I happily went with a girl prediction.


Now that we know we are having a girl, it’s fun talking to her and thinking about baby names. At our last ultrasound we got to see her wiggle in the womb; and we even caught a glimpse of her playing with her toes, just before she opened her mouth to give us a big yawn (she must be a sleeper like her mama). I couldn’t believe it. Was that our baby, on the screen (or, rather in my belly) making all those movements? I keep replaying that moment in my head with such wonder and delight. Eat, play, sleep—so is the life of a newborn. We can’t wait to meet this little girl and love on her all the days of our lives.

Here’s a comical video of us cutting the cake! The inside icing was such a light pink, we struggled to safely confirm the baby was a girl (I also didn’t want to get too excited before knowing one way or the other). Just to be safe, we cross-checked the doctor’s note that said in big caps “It’s a girl!!!.”

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2 thoughts on “Our Baby’s Gender Reveal

  1. I had so much fun watching the party! It felt like I was there getting in on all of the wonderful excitement. Congratulations to the new parents.

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